Feast table

“Our restaurant is centered in one of the most beautiful growing regions in the world. Our local waters are clean, the soil is dark and rich, and the seasons long and plentiful. Our menu is meant to be a malleable template designed as a vehicle to present the local harvest to our guests. We change our menu based on what is pulled from our garden, dropped at our door, or purchased from local farmers and fishermen. There are times when our menu is vibrant and diverse; dishes are filled with the evidence of a bountiful Spring harvest. If we have a large amount of produce ready to pull from our garden, our vegetable menu will be the star for the evening. During the winter months, we struggle to work with what we are afforded by our surroundings, and our menu develops a darker character. Beyond anything else, we feel an enormous amount of gratitude for the relationships we have built with our local providers. This is our home, and we are proud to be contributing in our small way to a healthy and growing food community.”

-Jensen Lorenzen, Chef & Owner


Sous Chef – Cory Bidwell
Pastry Chef – Nolan Carlisle
Preservation & Breads- Chris McMains

“There is something so comforting about eating dinner at a table with friends and family, in a softly lit home, with good wine to accompany conversation and ignite the senses, and time to sit leisurely and enjoy it all. It is a feeling we wish to pass on to our diners each night; through unhurried service, thoughtful presentations, a warm atmosphere and a passionate, hospitable staff. Our favorite way to enjoy a meal is to have each dish paired with a different wine to complement it. Some pairings are sensual, like Barbaresco and truffles; some are celebratory, like Champagne and oysters; some are just mellow and easy, like Lambrusco and bresaola. All pairings are personally selected by myself, Jensen and our staff to enhance your overall dining experience.”

-Grace Lorenzen, Wine Director & Owner (CS)